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Sep 23, 2013

On this weeks show, Fisher shares the latest on the battle for the corpse of King Richard III.  It’s York vs. Leicester in the competition for public opinion and legal victory.  The Yorkies seem to be a bit behind in the race while the Leicesterians are putting up historic markers concerning Richard III through their...

Sep 18, 2013

On this weeks show, Fisher shares the announcements of the big announcement between the two family history giants, and   What will their new agreement bring to us over the next five years?  And how much will it cost?  Listen to the podcast to find out. We also learned about a former world...

Sep 13, 2013

On this week show, Fisher’s got the latest on battle over the body of King Richard III.  In fact, scientists revealed something he wishes had never been brought up!  He also reviews the story of Trisha Yearwood on “Who Do You Think You Are.”  This leads to a revelation about ancestors on both Fisher’s and...

Sep 5, 2013

On this weeks show, Fisher talks about a ring swapped for chocolate at a World War II POW camp, and how it has found its way back to the prisoner’s family in America.  A man discovers his family history on Antique Road Show!  Also… DNA tests of relatives and DNA tests being done on three […]