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Aug 31, 2019

Fisher explains how to get a lot of your family history information inexpensively and shares some of the key free sites.

Aug 28, 2019

Fisher talks about the “luck” he has enjoyed through the years in genealogy, and how it really isn’t as much by chance as you would think.

Aug 26, 2019

Host Scott Fisher opens the show with Drew Smith, co-host of the Genealogy Guys podcast. Fisher and Drew begin Family Histoire News with a story of a 104-year-old survivor of the Holocaust. And what a birthday party she has had! Find out what made this celebration extra special. Then, the guys talk about the...

Aug 24, 2019

Fisher explains what lineage societies are and why you might want to join one.

Aug 21, 2019

As more and more secrets are exposed by DNA tests, are we prepared to discover that our ancestors were simply human?