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Jun 13, 2016

Fisher opens this week's show with David Allen Lambert, Chief Genealogist of the New England Historic Genealogical Society and, who is celebrating his first year anniversary on EG! Fisher notes new radio affiliates have picked up the program in Logan, Utah and Lexington, Kentucky.  In Family Histoire News, David remembers the 72nd anniversary of D-Day and laments the loss of so many World War II veterans each day.  David then tells the tale of a woman renovating a home in England who found a unique 91-year-old item stuck in the fireplace. Listen to the podcast to hear what it was! In Hungary, the winner has been declared in a gravediggers competition.  What's that all about? David will tell you the hows and whys.  David then talks about a 19th century trend of photographing dead loved ones.  Do you have a photo of an ancestor after they died?  And of course, David has another Tech Tip and free guest user database from NEHGS.

Fisher then visits with an Ontario, Canada woman who was recently featured in Good Housekeeping.  Seeking her birth parents, she had a very negative experience over thirty years ago with one "bioparent," but now a very positive experience since she has found the other.  Why did she stick with it, and how did it all come together?  Catch Fisher's touching visit with Katherine Benoit Schwartz to catch the full story. I you know an adoptee seeking their birth families, Katherine's story will give them hope.

Next, Fisher visits with President, Jessica Taylor.  Jessica explains just a few of the many reasons that researchers ranging from beginner to advanced hire professional genealogists.  Jessica will tell you what to look for in a pro you can count on, and shares some thoughts on some difficult places in the world to research, and some of those that are getting better.

During Preservation Time,'s Tom Perry addresses an interesting question from a listener about actually transferring material to a genuine 8 track! It may not be the '70s anymore, but some people want to do exactly that.  Catch the reasons!  Tom then reveals a new platform he's working on to help you find reliable local help in transferring your videos, home movies, and audio.

That's all this week on Extreme Genes, America's Family History Show!