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Jun 27, 2016

With David Allen Lambert on vacation, Fisher opens the show solo talking about the nice start to his “genealogical summer” with the recent exchange of photos with a third cousin of a relative who was a Civil War sailor.  Fisher had the ID and a young image. The cousin had a later in life image.  In Family Histoire News, Fisher talks about a pair of sisters who only recently learned they were sisters.  In fact, one had been a student in a class the other taught. Listen to the podcast to hear how they learned of their relationship. Fisher then talks about the ruling by an English Board that DNA can now be used in determining the validity of inherited titles. The implications are mind boggling! E Gads! 

In segment two, Fisher welcomes CeCe Moore, the Genetic Genealogist, and regular on PBS’ “Finding Your Roots,” with Henry Louis Gates.  The two cover a lot of ground about the latest trends in DNA and where the science is going.  CeCe talks about the science of “triangulation,” the accuracy of DNA matches for early ancestors, and her prediction of what is going to be happening in the field over the next five to ten years.  (This will blow your mind!)

Next, Fisher welcomes back Justin Emmons who was on the show only a week ago talking about his discovery of the possessions of a Union Civil War soldier. Without much luck, he had sought out a descendant of the soldier with whom to share news of the find.  Fisher stepped in and found a third great grandson who comes on the show to learn for the first time what his ancestor left behind during the Civil War, and what he can soon see for himself!  It’s a fun reveal for all three!

Tom Perry from is next, our Preservation Authority.  Fisher and Tom talk about Fisher’s dive into the deep end of the digitization pool, transferring over 100 DVDs worth of videos. Both discuss the project and what comes next!  It’s awesome effort that will take years to complete.

That’s all this week on Extreme Genes, America’s Family History Show!