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Jul 18, 2016

Host Scott Fisher opens this episode thanking listeners on the third anniversary of Extreme Genes. David Allen Lambert then joins him and speaks of his induction into the Sons of the American Revolution this past week with a very special bonus.  Listen to the podcast to hear what it was. David then speaks about a British man who was adopted as a baby during World War II. Hear the feel good story about his late life birth family reunion. David then reveals the discovery of some of the remains of a legendary, ancient religious leader. Who was it and where was it found? Segment 1 has the answers. Finally, Japanese leaders are considering raising a World War II battleship to repatriate the remains. Hear about the controversy surrounding the proposal. David then shares his Tech Tip on creating a "Muster Family Tree" for identifying potential military people from various wars. He'll also give you another free NEHGS/ guest user database.

Fisher next visits with Craig Chartier, who directs the Plymouth Archeological Rediscovery Project. Craig has written a masterful piece blending information found in the estate inventory of Mayflower Pilgrim John Howland, and the excavation of his 17th century home. The result is a virtual tour of the house with the objects it contained and where they were located. The objects and locations reveal many things about the man, and gives other "genies" a model for something they might be able to do to learn more about their ancestors.

Then, it's "catch up" time with Steve Anderson.  Last year (Episode 100) Steve came on Extreme Genes to reveal his family's incredible secret. He had been raised in Minnesota in a family of nine children. In time, circumstances and DNA testing revealed that eight of the nine had different fathers, all different than the father who had raised them with their mother! No Extreme Genes story has ever received more attention. With the recent passing of his mother, Steve updates this incredible story.

Then, it's Preservation Authority Tom Perry answering a listener question from Maui about white spots found in a VHS tape.  Can she digitize it? What does it mean? Tom, as always, has the answers.

That's all this week on Extreme Genes, America's Family History Show!