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May 5, 2014

Fisher visits with Star Wars actor Jeremy Bullock about his ancestry.  This week's “Family Histoire News” talks about eight World War II vets who have finally been recognized as true POWs.  Learn why it took 70 years for these men to receive this recognition.  Also… virtually all early Irish census records are coming on line.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t amount to what any Irish descendant would hope for.  We’ll explain. And, a man has written a book about three generations of his family and their lives in what became East Germany. 
Guest Steve Young, producer of the show “Our American Family” on numerous PBS stations talks about the show’s development and growth.  Fisher talks about what a great job it does in showing how family’s can get their seniors to share great stories from the past.  
Guest Valerie Atkisson, who can best be described as a family history artist, talks about how moving around the country grounded her to her ancestry much more than any single place.  This led to her connecting with her ancestors through art.  She gives advice on what families can do to use art to draw children into an appreciation of their heritage and ancestry. Visit her website at
Tom Perry from is back with more great advice on preserving your families memories and treasures.