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May 12, 2014

On this weeks show, Fisher shares the news of two new podcast apps now available free in your Android or iPhone store.  Twin sisters have reunited after 78 of separation.  We’ll have the happy story for you.  Letters written from the European Theater in the heat of battle in World War II have been found in a storage locker and returned to the man’s son.  Hear how it all came about.  Fisher also gets a family history story out of Charles Fleischer, the voice of Roger Rabbit.  You won’t believe this guy’s background! 

Kathy Kirkpatrick of and Adrian Benjamin Burke, a New York researcher, talk about what’s happening in Italian ancestry research in 2014, with some great stories from the trail.  And, you’ll meet Hyrum Veach… expert genealogist… when he’s not in elementary school!  Hear what this 12-year-old has to say.  (He’s already been at it for five years!) 

Preservation Authority Tom Perry has filled you in on disks the last few weeks… now… what’s the best format your needs?  He’ll tell you.  And Fisher tells you the breathtaking story he uncovered of a man he knew as a boy… a friend of his parents… who served in counter-intelligence in World War II.