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May 19, 2014

Fisher's Family Histoire News talks about the discovery of the wreck of Columbus' flagship, the Santa Maria.  Could it be true?  What will it teach us about what really happened in 1492?  Plus, an Oregon man has received a postcard mailed to his great grandmother in 1940 by a relative!  How was it lost?  How was it found?  It's a fascinating tale.  Fisher also chats with former Monkee drummer/singer Micky Dolenz about his family history.
Nick Baum, founder of talks about the founding of this remarkable web site that will help you assemble the stories of your seniors in a way that just might surprise you by its simplicity.  Give Nick's visit a listen.
Listener Kelly MacFarlane then talks about his remarkable heirloom pickup... an 1838 sampler created by an ancestor that became an oil rag!  The sampler cryptically maps out the names of family members.  You won't believe how it survived and how he obtained it!  Check out the photo.
And Tom Perry, Preservation Authority extraordinaire, answers more of your questions.