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Jun 2, 2014

Fisher talks about learning of the auction of a silver 1776 “Continental Dollar” that sold in New York.  It is believed to have been created to experiment in the creation of “American” currency, an important issue if the United States was to be recognized as an independent nation.  Learn how much the coin went for and why Fisher has a special interest in this unique coin.  Fisher visits with former Munsters star, Pat Priest… “Marilyn”… about her family’s special history, which, coincidentally involved ties to American currency.  In Family Histoire News this week, the National Archives have digitized unique “Artistic Family Records,” from the post-Revolutionary era.  Hear why they were created.  (Maybe your ancestors left one behind for you to find!)  And, King Richard III is back in the news!  Hear what the British High Court has had to say about who can do what with his body.
Guest Janet Horvorka from talks about the challenges of sharing family history with other family members when “skeletons” are present.  In the first half of her visit, she addresses the challenges of dealing with the living, and their close kin, who may have an embarrassing past.  In the second part, she talks about writing about the dead.  If you’re preparing a history of your family, you’re going to want to hear this great advice!
Tom Perry from, our Preservation Authority, answers another listener question.  To submit your questions, email