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Jun 23, 2014

Fisher’s Family Histoire News covers the passing of the last of the 29 original Navajo Code Talkers, whose unique code was never broken by the Japanese in World War II.  Plus, the original words to what became our National Anthem have been reunited with the flag the inspired them.  Learn where you can see this remarkable display.
Photo expert Ron Fox returns to the show.  Ron was on just a few weeks ago talking about collecting things relating to your ancestors.  Fisher took his advice and, recognizing he was letting an opportunity slip away, went to work.  The result was a haul of family history treasures, some dating back over 160 years, that left him speechless.  Fisher and Fox discuss the particulars and how you could potentially do the same thing.
Dr. Mark Shriver from Penn State then joins the show by phone to discuss his experiments into how DNA might one day soon be able to “predict” your ancestor’s face!  Sounds like science fiction, but Dr. Shriver says not so.
And Tom Perry, the Preservation Authority from shocks Fisher with an answer to a listener question about how to get at your grandparents’ old movies.  Tom then gives important contact information to assure you get proper permissions for use of copyrighted materials when using them in family history presentations.