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Aug 12, 2014


In segment one, Fisher's Family Histoire News covers the research results covering an 18th century boat found under the World Trade Center four years ago.  You'll be amazed what researchers were able to learn about this 200 year old ship!  Plus, the odds were ridiculous.  Find out about a young girl who drew the name of an Englishman who was killed in World War I, and learned he was her great great great uncle!
Fisher visits with guest Chris Tomlinson about the first family history he ever wrote.  (It just made the New York Times Bestsellers list!)  "Tomlinson Hill" tracks Chris' ancestry back to his great great grandparents who were slave owners in Texas.  He then followed the history of the "white Tomlinsons" as well as the "black Tomlinsons," descendants of the slaves his ancestors owned.  Those descendants include football great Ladainian Tomlinson.  He discusses the differences in the course of these families through the years and how this creates a broader view of race relations today.
Then Tom Perry, Preservation Authority from, returns.  He and Fisher share insights into the best ways to get the best stories out of your senior family members... and some are a little sneaky!