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Sep 9, 2014


Fisher opens by talking about his recent experience at the FGS Conference in San Antonio.  In "Family Histoire News" he tells us about what is believed to be the biggest hurricane in New England history. When did it hit?  1635!  Hear what is known about the largest hurricane no one has ever heard of. Then, Fisher has the story of the discovery of cave that may prove that Neanderthals may have been able to create art!  
Guest Janet Hovorka joins the show from  Janet has been gathering information on studies that demonstrate the effect of family history knowledge on the IQs and emotional growth of children.  You'll be amazed at what she has to say.
Then, Shawn Harvey of Cincinnati, Ohio visits with Fisher about a scene that made his blood boil.  He watched as a man tossed a shadowbox into a dumpster.  Learn what was in that shadowbox and the lengths he went to to return the treasures to its rightful owner.
Then Tom Perry returns with some important advice on scanning your old photos, as well as news about a new invention that you are going to LOVE!
That's this week on Extreme Genes, Family History Radio!