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Nov 16, 2014


Fisher opens the show with a welcome for Extreme Genes' 23rd radio affiliate.  In Family Histoire News, a young officer from Wisconsin who faced down a volley of Confederate fire at the Battle of Gettysburg was posthumously presented with the Presidential Medal of Honor by President Obama.  Since he died without children at age 22, the Pentagon struggled to know who to give it to.  Three distant cousins and their families attended the ceremony, with the recipient being a descendant of the officer's aunt.  Read more about it and see the pictures at
Since in the past week we celebrated Veteran's Day and the 25th Anniversary of the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, it was appropriate that Fisher visited with one guest who was both an American vet, and an escapee from East Germany!  Hear the emotional visit with Wynn Hubrich, who talks about how his family outfoxing the Russians and all that followed their crossing to the west before they could safely make their way to the United States.  Then former National Guardsman Clarence Anspake of Bellmore, Long Island, New York talks about the history of his own unit, and its history as a militia long before that.  He'll share with you important information on militia histories.  You might find one of your ancestors in one!
Then Tom Perry shares information on how you might be able to repair cracked disks, and fix broken VHS tapes, so they can be digitized.  That's this week on Extreme Genes, Family History Radio, America's Family History Show!