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Jan 13, 2015


Fisher opens the show with fascinating news out of Boston where a box, hidden in the cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House by Paul Revere and Samuel Adams, was opened.  What was in it?  And what will be done with the contents?  Hear all about it!  Plus, funeral homes are now offering a service that could benefit survivors of deceased loved ones for generations.  Find out what it is.
Then, Fisher visits with Heather Livergood of Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, who has sought her birth family for generations.  One interesting twist... Heather was born in a hotel and SOLD as a baby!  What did she cost her adoptive parents and how did she ultimate find her mother's birth family?  Heather has the answers.
Then listener Diane Dyatt joins Fisher to talk about what DNA and digitized newspapers revealed to her about her great grandfather.  He was apparently known around town for his unique invention.  Diane will tell you what it is.
Then, Tom Perry from will share with you an idea for instanting preserving and backing up your videos and photos taken with your phone!  Phone pix are easily taken, but also easily lost.  You'll love Tom's solution.
That's this week on Extreme Genes, America's Family History Show!