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Jan 28, 2015


Fisher opens the show with the latest on the strange case of Paul Fronczak, who grew up believing he had been kidnapped as a baby and then returned to his parents in Chicago.  But, a 2012 DNA test revealed that Paul was not his parents' natural child.  Two years later, Paul's advocates are coming close to identifying at least one of his birth families.  That in itself is a strange tale!  Here all about it with Fisher's Family Histoire News!
Fisher then keeps his promise to a listener who was wanting information on researching Swedish ancestors by bringing on professional researcher Kim Melchior.  Kim talks about the various records available, getting your ancestors "across the pond," and historic information on points such as why so many Swedes immigrated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Kim will give you some great insight.
Then Fisher visits with a couple from North Carolina, Clarence and Carolyn Jennings.  The Jennings recently discovered a 150 year old letter that revealed the fate of a family member in the Civil War... information long sought after by many Jennings researchers.  Hear the authors touching words as he describes to his mother the death of his brother on the battlefield.
Finally, Tom Perry of reveals a new version of a long established software that helps you to eliminate background noises from your audio recordings.  It's great news especially if you have old recordings that have distracting sounds in them.
That's all this week on Extreme Genes, America's Family History Show!