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Mar 31, 2015

Fisher opens this week's show with Family Histoire News and a fond farewell to King Richard III.  Buried only a few days ago, the King gave Extreme Genes more than its fair share of stories over the past three years.  No five hundred year old body could have done more.  Fisher then shares the story of a slave who escaped to freedom in a more than unique way 166 years ago this weekend.  Wait until you hear this one!  Then... think all Celts are alike?  Apparently not!  DNA is revealing some very interesting things about these early Brits.  And finally... a wooly mammoth may be in the works!  They call it de-extinction.  Fisher will tell you how they're doing it.  Could a Neanderthal be far behind?'s Stan Lindaas is back with the most amazing revolutionary soldier pension record you've ever heard of.  The soldier's story goes into great depth, with twists, turns, captures, escapes... you'll want to see this in movie form!  Stan will also tell you how to find these great records.
Then it's a two-fer!  Two ordinary people making extraordinary finds.  Idaho's Lynda Marquez and Alabama's Heath Jones will inspire you to keep hunting!

And Tom Perry from wraps it up with simple instructions on how to get your kids and grandkids to save and edit your old videos and home movies for you!

That's this week on Extreme Genes, America's Family History Show!