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Jul 28, 2015

Fisher opens the show with Chief Genealogist of the New England Historic Genealogical Society and American Ancestors, David Allen Lambert.  David talks about using Find-A-Grave and Billion Graves to create a burial lineage chart.  He also talks about the NASA "New Horizon" mission to Pluto and how a significant individual's human remains are on it.  Listen to the show to find out whose!  Plus, David tells you how you can go to Europe without leaving North America.  (Honest!)  Then, David shares with you another free database and Fisher fills you in on what's happening with "Who Do You Think You Are?" "Turn: Washington's Spies," and Henry Louis Gates' "Finding Your Roots."  (Hint: It's all good news!)
Fisher then shares part one of his interview with genealogy visionary Gilad Japhet, founder of MyHeritage.  He talks about his passion for genealogy, his idea for a technology based company that makes it easier than ever to research, and the founding of MyHeritage.  He then begins to explain MyHeritage's new game changing translation software.
In part two of Fisher's interview with MyHeritage founder Gilad Japhet, Gilad goes into the significance of MyHeritage's new translation software and explains how it will work for us here in America, as well as for researchers across the globe.  He also explains the significant residual benefit he expects to result from the release of this new software.  It's a rare interview you won't want to miss!
Then Tom Perry, the Preservation Authority from, answers a listener question about salvaging an important VHS videotape from a damaged VHS cartridge.  Tom explains how professional outfits can save the tape, and how you can do it at home... if you dare!  
That's all this week on Extreme Genes, America's Family History Show!