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Nov 19, 2018

Host Scott Fisher opens the show with David Allen Lambert, Chief Genealogist of the New England Historic Genealogical Society and The guys start by talking about the strange way in which David received his names. Then, the guys talk about the controversy of using DNA to help solve cold cases, and a great article on genetic genealogy from Bloomberg. How many different types of discoveries have been made from DNA? David maps out a diverse hodgepodge of discoveries. DNA testing is now moving on to animals and plants. David has the details. David then shares great news for Irish researchers. David’s Blogger Spotlight shines on the UK’s Caryn Cummings at Karen blogs about “demystifying DNA.”


Next, Fisher catches up with Kenyatta Berry, well known for her time on “Genealogy Roadshow” on PBS. Kenyatta is one of America’s foremost experts on African-American and slave research. She has just come out with a new book, though, for everyone. It’s called “The FamilyTree Toolkit: A Comprehensive Guide To Uncovering Your Ancestry And Researching Genealogy.” Kenyatta shares her genealogical journey and explains some of the concepts you’ll find in her book that you won’t find anywhere else.


Then, the director of the Family History Center in Phoenix, Arizona, visits with Fisher about a certain suitcase that made itself known to the staff at the Center. And what was in that suitcase led them on quite a genealogical adventure.


Tom Perry takes the week off this week as we talk preservation. Filling in is Randy Fredlund from Vivid-Pix. Randy is a long standing photo expert and former employee of Kodak. He explains some of the reasons your photos change colors, fade, or lose contrast. And some of those things you can actually do something about.


That’s all this week on Extreme Genes, America’s Family History Show!