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Sep 20, 2021

Host Scott Fisher opens the show with David Allen Lambert, Chief Genealogist of the New England Historic Genealogical Society and David begins with the story of his recent family history oriented trip. The guys then give a 100th birthday shout out to “friend of the show” Lou Conter, one of the last two survivors of the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. David then reveals a major name that will soon be featured on the BBC version of Who Do You Think You Are. Next, have you ever wondered what you should keep among all those old family papers and trinkets? There’s a new list out there that might help. Hear where you can find it. Then, scientists are talking about bringing back Wooly Mammoths! Why would they do this other than (maybe) they can? There’s a very practical reason that could affect all of us. A Bronze Age log coffin has been found in the strangest of places, complete with original cargo! Hear more about it. And finally, a first time metal detectorist has made a remarkable find in Denmark. David has the details.

In the next segment, Fisher visits with Civil War re-enactor Calvin Osborne. Calvin has been part of an African American reenacting group for 28 years and recently made a mind blowing family history discovery that ties into his hobby. Hear his story in his own words.

Then, Adrienne Abiodun, a researcher with sponsor Legacy Tree Genealogists talks about lineage societies and how to join them. Fisher reviews some of the more unusual groups available for you to join.

David then rejoins Fisher for two helpings of Ask Us Anything.

That’s all this week on Extreme Genes, America’s Family History Show!