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Feb 6, 2023

Host Scott Fisher opens the show with David Allen Lambert, Chief Genealogist of the New England Historic Genealogical Society and Fisher reveals David’s latest honor as a historian. Then, David shares his excitement over a gift he is receiving… a Bible gifted to a World War I soldier by a minister that caught a bullet that saved the man’s life. David has much more to say about it. Fisher next talks about a unique document he located tied to a relative jailed for forgery. has revealed interesting news about the common male haplogroup R1B1. If you are part of it, listen to what David has to tell you. Next up… a shout out to the Boston Fire Department which just celebrated 345 years as America’s oldest paid department. In Rhode Island, a little girl has made headlines for her attempt to take the remains of carrots and cookies and get a DNA profile of Santa Claus! And the authorities were happy to share with her what they found. You’ll love this! On Finding Your Roots, it was an emotional episode for “Spy Kids” star Danny Trejo. David explains why.

In segments two and three, Fisher visits with Sarah Jake and Josh Hutchinson, hosts of the podcast “Thou Shalt No Suffer, The Witch Trial Podcast.” The two talk about the new things that are still being learned about Salem in 1692, researching your witches or accusers, and their efforts at an exoneration bill for the accused and hanged witches of Connecticut.

David then returns for another round of Ask Us Anything.

That’s all this week on Extreme Genes, America’s Family History Show!