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Feb 23, 2015

Fisher opens the show with a quick overview of his Roots Tech experience, where over 22,000 people attended in three days.  (Roots Tech is the world's largest family history conference.)  In Family Histoire News, King Richard III is back in the headlines.  What has he "told" researchers now?  Fisher will tell you....

Feb 9, 2015

Fisher opens the show talking about the upcoming Roots Tech convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.  First Lady Laura Bush headlines the speakers.  Fisher then discusses the loss of over a million records in a fire.  Where was it and what happened?  He'll fill you in.  The families of Hatfield and McCoy still have a lot to...

Feb 4, 2015


Fisher opens the show with the story of a man who the government refuses to allow to pay his taxes.  Why?  It has everything to do with a record family historians are more than a little familiar with.  Listen to the first segment to hear what it is.  Fisher then reviews a list recently published by