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Oct 12, 2015

Fisher opens the show with the announcement that the first Extreme Genes cruise will take place in September of 2016!  (See our Facebook page or for details.)  David Allen Lambert, Chief Genealogist for the New England Historical Genealogical Society and, joins the conversation with a story about a 16th century shipwreck that is causing concern in Ireland.  He also talks about the new archaeological dig in New York City covering the area of the old New York Seaport.  David also has another free NEHGS database to share and his weekly Tech Tip.

Fisher next visits with Brenda Sullivan of the "Gravestone Girls." (See  Brenda is an artist who can make a mold and perfect duplicate of your ancestor's grave stone!  She'll tell you all about rubbing grave stones, and some of how she creates duplicate stones... but not all.  Might she help you obtain the most unique family heirloom ever invented?

Then, photo expert Ron Fox returns to the show to talk about how his love of family history has shown him what it takes to uncover extremely value historic pictures.  He'll tell you how his techniques can help you locate previously unknown ancestral photos. If you're missing a photo of an ancestor that should be out there somewhere, you'll want to hear what Ron has to say.

Then, Tom Perry from, the Preservation Authority, talks about learning to PhotoShop and the significance of "clouds."  What happens if the hosting company disappears?  He'll have the answers for you!

That's all this week on Extreme Genes, America's Family History Show!