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Apr 11, 2016

Fisher opens the show with David Allen Lambert, Chief Genealogist of the New England Historic Genealogical Society and, who is in England for the Who Do You Think You Are? Live! Conference.  David shares the huge news that NEHGS is opening EVERYTHING, over 1 billion records, for guest users, free, through Wednesday, April 13.  David then talks about Jewish tartans now available for Scottish Jews.  He’ll tell you about their unique features.  David also reveals that a Russian princess, living in England, has come out with a tell-all book.  You won’t believe who she was set to marry at one time.  (Think “large ears!”)  Fisher and David then discuss a recently published and very narrow list of heirlooms you should consider saving for your children and grandchildren. 

Photo expert Ron Fox then joins Fisher to discuss the exciting new New York Public Library “Photographers Identities Catalog.”  This remarkable index and biography catalog covers 115,000 photographers and others in the field dating back to the mid-1800s.  How can you use this great new tool to learn about dating your antique photographs?  Ron will tell you.  Ron has lots of other great tips and advice for discovering rare and often valuable photos on eBay, as well as of individuals from families you are interested in.  It’s a fascinating topic you won’t want to miss.

In the third segment, Fisher visits with Utah resident Carole Burr.  Carole was a first time genealogist who decided her initial investigation would be to crack open a family line that experts had failed at for over twenty years!  Guess what?!  Carole will tell you about the case and how, with a little help from somewhere out there, she was able to make the breakthrough!

Tom Perry, the Preservation Authority drops by from to talk about recovering fading audio tapes, how to enhance the sound in the digitizing process, and some simple ways to maximize your family’s ability to enjoy your audio.  You’ll be adding another awesome project to your list when you hear what Tom has to say!

That’s all this week on Extreme Genes, America’s Family History Show!