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Feb 24, 2014

Fisher tells about the discovery of the identify of a man who etched his mark on the pillars of a British mansion just before leaving to fight at Normandy.  Learn the remarkable way in which he was found.  Next, the chart of George Washington’s lineage was large, flowery, and beautiful when presented to President Ulysses S. Grant in 1873.  It was also fraudulent!  Hear who made it, why, and how he was exposed.  Plus, Hudson Gunn of makes a truly genie-world changing announcement about a new partnership that we will likely all benefit from for free, in the not too distant future!

Stan Lindaas, our Extreme Genes Preservation Authority from shares the discovery of a remarkable story of his Civil War ancestor… one he could only find by going to where the man was held captive.  If this doesn’t make you want to plan an ancestral place vacation, nothing will!

A.J. Jacobs of New York is planning the world’s largest family reunion, for New York City.  It’s a Guinness thing!  How many relatives need to be there and how can you play a part?  A.J. has the whole thing figured out.  It’s both informative and ridiculously entertaining!

And Tom Perry, our Preservation Authority from, answers a listener question (from and gives part two of his conversation on QR codes and Memory Medallions.  Yes, there are other things they can be used for.  Don’t miss this segment!

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Episode 30 originally aired 2/23/14