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Mar 10, 2014

Fisher starts the show with a nod to last week’s visit from New England Historical Society researcher Rhonda McClure, who explained how to see if you tie into movie stars and celebrities.  Fisher reels off quite a list he has learned he is related to.  Plus, how much Neanderthal DNA do you have?  It might be more than you think!  Fisher explains from a great story on recent DNA discoveries.  Plus, another big announcement concerning gravestones… this time from  Fisher also has a great story about a map that shows the increase and decrease in popularity of specific names over the past 90 years.  Just put in the name, and watch how it has come and gone, and maybe come again!

Cyndi Ingle, founder of Cyndi’s List, America’s largest on-line family history catalog, talks about the early days of the site, how things worked then, and what it takes to keep it up-to-date today.  Cyndi then talks about the future of Cyndi’s List and shares some stories from her followers about how it has helped them break down walls in their research.

Tom Perry, Extreme Genes Preservation Authority, answers a question from a listener about mold… in an old video!  Can Tom save the day?  Listen and find out!

Episode 32 aired 03/09/2014