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Mar 25, 2014

Fisher talks about the latest science in following the migration patterns of our ancestors… “language family trees.”  Find out what these trees have taught us about the origins of Native Americans, and how this technique might teach us about the migration of other ancient groups.  Fisher also has the story of a Delaware man who lived a long life, but couldn’t resist leaving one final message to family and friends… his own hysterical obituary.  Fisher will share some of what he wrote.  Plus, what are the most disliked new baby names?  With the boys, especially… there’s a pattern!

Guest Karen Zach, a coordinator for two GenWeb sites in Indiana, joins Fisher to talk about just what GenWeb sites are.  They’re a gold mine of information, but cost you nothing.  This could be a valuable segment for you.
Fisher reprises his conversation with Robbie from Michigan, who, in 2013, talked about some major discoveries she made after listening to Extreme Genes.  Her finding was something descendants had sought for about three decades!

Plus, Tom Perry, our Preservation Authority, is back to talk about color correction when digitizing home movies and important things to know about digitizing videos at home!

Episode 34 Aired 3/23/14