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Mar 31, 2014

Fisher’s family history news coverage begins with a story about a new science, targeted for police work, where DNA can be used to create a “predicted” face of the suspect!  Could there be applications for “genies” everywhere?  Also, Yale has discovered that the man they thought was the first African-American to graduate from Yale wasn’t.  How was the real “first” found?  Genies everywhere will appreciate the story.  Cemeteries are going GREEN!  (Aren’t they already?)  We’ll tell you just what that means.  And… Abe Lincoln’s cryptic letter of 1860 has been “decoded.”   Find out how and what it meant.
Guest Gary Boyd Roberts, a colorful and renowned family history researcher and writer makes his first appearance on the show, talking about “Gateway Ancestors,” ancestors most of us have that have proven lines to royalty.  Gary says there’s more than just “snob appeal” to have royal ancestors.  He’ll explain the reason you should want to know.  Gary also talks about the social mobility that makes it possible for descendants of kings to be American farmers in just a few generations.  You won’t want to miss it!
Tom Perry, the Preservation Authority, is back with answers to more of your questions… like how do you rescue or even copy a 19th century photo trapped in a bubble glass frame?  
Episode 35 aired 3/30/14