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Apr 7, 2014

Fisher talks about how some listeners got “got” on April Fools’ Day and innocently tried to share the news with Extreme Genes listeners.  Hear what one story said and where it came from!   Fisher also has a source of common baby names and what they really mean.  If you’re naming a child anytime soon, you may want to listen!  Would you ever rely on information three-quarters of a century old to solve your 21st Century problems?  One British woman did.  Listen to how she solved her obesity and financial problems with a pamphlet from World War II!
Guest Judy Russell, “The Legal Genealogist,” joins the show.  In her first segment, she explains how it is that our family stories are typically lost forever in just three generations.  She’ll also tell you what you can do about it.  She lays out her case brilliantly… just like the attorney she is.  In her second segment, Judy explains what legal traps we need to avoid as family history researchers and writers.  The danger is real, and you won’t want to miss what she has to say.
Tom Perry from, our “Preservation Authority,” is back to talk about dos and don’ts concerning of digital storage.  Think of it as your “Family History Insurance Policy.”  It's real good advice you need to know!
Episode 36 aired 4/6/14