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Apr 14, 2014

Fisher welcomes new radio stations to the family of affiliates.  News this week includes a conclusion that Hitler may have married a Jewish woman!   Hear how the DNA trail of Eva Braun led to this remarkable story.  Also, plans for major freeway construction has led to the discovery of remains of a 250 year old French settlement in St. Louis.  And, an alumnus of Virginia Military Institute has been tracking down descendants of VMI Civil War soldiers who fought in the Battle of New Market.  Find out why.
Research Authority Stan Lindaas, from, returns with great advice on how to break down “walls”… those lines that just can’t seem to be extended over long periods of time.  Stan talks about one of his own walls, and the remarkable story behind how he cracked the case!
And Tom Perry from, our Preservation Authority, continues his discussion on reliable drives, the long term viability of various disks, and tells us about a new disk that is just around the corner that will blow your mind!  He’ll also tell you what kind of drive NOT to rely on for storage.
Episode 37 Originally Aired 04/13/14