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Apr 29, 2014

Fisher visits with Butch Patrick, better known as “Eddie Munster.”  Butch has made a most ironic family history find and tells Fisher all about it.  Fisher’s “Family Histoire” news takes us to England where a virtual “time capsule” full of effects of a fallen soldier will soon be on display to help recognize the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I.  Hear what was among the soldiers belongings. 
Also, might some of your Civil War ancestors’ possessions be found where a shopping mall will soon be built?  Hear about the race against time for one group of archaeologists.  Plus, a 200 year old handwritten recipe book has been found, researched, and now returned to a descendant of the original owner.  
Claire Brissen-Banks of tells us all about “Forensic Genealogy.”  What is it?  How could it impact your life?  Claire will explain.  
Suzanne Hansen, an Extreme Genes listener, shares the remarkable finds she has made following a lengthy quest in Pennsylvania.  You won’t believe the haul of family history memorabilia she now possesses!
Episode 39 aired 4-27-14