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Jun 9, 2014

Fisher has more news on the corpse of King Richard III.  The modern day discovery of his body under a parking lot was well timed, as a CT scan and a 3D printer have revealed something people had only guessed about in the past.  Learn what it is.
Guest Daniel Swalm of Minnesota will get you looking through your database to find out… could your grandmother have died without her American citizenship as his did?  He’ll tell you about the obscure law he discovered and the path that led him to the floor of the United States Senate!  This is a truly amazing tale!
Family history super sleuth Ron Fox returns to talk about “collecting” your ancestors and finding their memorabilia on places like eBay!  Both Fisher and Ron have done it, and you can too!
Preservation Authority Tom Perry from returns with news of the latest invention to make your outdoor family reunion safer.  You’ll be amazed at what it is!  He’ll also fill you in on the latest news surrounding 3D printers.
Episode 45/ First aired 6/7/14