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Jun 16, 2014

Fisher talks to a Michigan woman about the discovery in Wales of something that once belonged to her late father who served in World War II and the invasion of Normandy. 
DNA is the big thing these days in identifying long deceased ancestors as well as unknown living relatives.  Fisher talks with guest Bennett Greenspan, President of, about how it all came about.
The other great family history tool of the 20th century is digitized newspapers.  Fisher visits with Tom Trynisky, a New York man who has devoted years of his life to providing us access to over 27 million digitized newspaper pages, most dealing with New York City and State… all on his dime and time.  If you’ve had ancestors that came out of New York, you’ll want to visit Trynisky’s site…  It’ll cost you nothing!
Preservation Authority Tom Perry, from, is back to talk about staying legal in your family reunion plans.  Got a question for Tom?  Email him here, at