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Jul 14, 2014

Fisher continues Extreme Genes' first anniversary month with two stories about boys photographed in dresses around the turn of the last century.  Family Histoire News includes the release of over 1,000 love letters from one time President Warren G. Harding to his mistress!  The oldest living American is now 116.  The braids of a uniformed British Naval Officer that were cut from his uniform when he was tended to after losing his arm in World War I has been returned to the family.  Wait til you hear the story behind this one!  Plus, students in Britain find the 1,700 year old bodies of a family of Romans!  It may change the narrative of those early times.

Jennifer Utley from talks about that company's recent release of prison records.  What times and places do they cover and what can we expect to find in them?  Listen to find out.
And the guys who call themselves "Task Force History" in Alabama come on to talk about their latest find.  What was it?  And where was it found?  And what happened when they presented it to a family member?  We'll have the whole story.
Plus, Tom Perry from talks about how to shoot better photos and videos.  That's why he's the "Preservation Authority!"