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Jul 28, 2014


Fisher reveals survey results of the question on your oldest heirlooms.  "How old are they?!"  Find out in the first segment.  In Family Histoire News, Fisher reports on the first episode of this season's "Who Do You Think You Are?" on TLC.  "Sex and the City" star Cynthia Nixon learns about her ancestral past.  Also, a DNA study may be adding another branch to the Parker family.  That same family that settled in Texas in the 1830s, and whose daughter became the mother of a Comanche chief!  You'll love this story!  And, a 150 year old photo has emerged of the woman who was stranded behind enemy lines... in Virginia... in the Civil War, and became the housemaid to the First Family of the Confederacy!  
Tom Kelleher, curator of Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts, joins Fisher to talk about the myths about early America we've generally come to accept.  He has a debunking answer for most all of them.  Everything from people's height to why houses had no closets, longevity... you name it... is on the list.  You'll want to hear it!
Then, Erica Vetsch, an author, shares some amazing facts about 19th century photography.  You'll find out why you, too, would have looked so glum being photographed in those days, and the risks incurred by photographers and why they took them.  It's more good stuff!
Tom Perry from gets into more detail on getting great audio when recording your grandparents and older relatives.  Episode 52 is waiting for you now!