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Nov 5, 2014


Fisher opens the show explaining the complications of having been born on Halloween.  He then gives poll results on whether or not you or a family member have ever had a deceased family member pay a visit.  It may surprise you!  In Family Histoire News... a family history researcher in Ireland has become somewhat obsessed with photographing graves in one particular county.  You won't believe how many he has posted.  Anderson Cooper of CNN recently did a lengthy video piece on his family history.  But not so much the Vanderbilt side as you would suspect.  It was his father's.  It's a great piece that any geni can appreciate.  Check it out at
Fisher then talks to first guest Craig McMillan of Lindquist Mortuaries in Utah.  Craig gives a history of the industry, talks about embalming... how long does the preservation really last... and what records you might expect to find at your local mortuary.  It's dead on (pun intended!) for Halloween!
Then listener Sigrid Olsen from Salem, Oregon talks about how she uses Pinterest to remember her late mother, who died when Sigrid was a young woman.  It's another great way to go for many people looking for a way to share their memories.
Tom Perry, the Preservation Authority returns to talk about how to repair your damaged disks... CDs, DVDs, etc.  Yes, sometimes they are salvageable!  Tom will explain.  He also talks about how you can repair damaged videotapes at your home as well.
That's this week on Extreme Genes... America's Family History Show!