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Nov 9, 2014


Fisher opens the show with a review of the survey on ancestors named for famous people.  The numbers were surprising!  In Family Histoire News for the week, a fourth generation tightrope walker was doing what his family has done for a century... risk death for a living.  This man even tightrope walked in vitro!  Plus, the journals and letters of one man's father have led to a remarkable book on the first Americans to fight in World War II... before December 7, 1941!  He wasn't on the battlefield.  You'll have to hear this remarkable story.
Guest Stan Lindaas of joins the show to talk about the Great Fires (plural) of 1871.  It wasn't just Chicago that burned on October 8th of that year.  Two other places went up as well, at the cost of even more real estate and lives.  Hear why your ancestors' deaths in these infernos aren't likely to be found in the records.
Jen Allen from is on to bring us up to date on the latest developments with this coming year's edition of RootsTech.  Every year brings exciting new technology and information.  Hear why you need to be planning to be in Salt Lake City, Utah in February!

And Tom Perry from, the Preservation Authority, is back with news of a new product that just may save your damaged disk, plus other suggestions on how you can salvage your valuable "diskified" data.  That's all this week on Extreme Genes, Family History Radio!