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Dec 15, 2014


Fisher opens the show with an amazing story about a holiday incident in his family in the 1960s.  In Family Histoire news, a new study of Viking DNA reveals that Vikings wives may have played a more "hands on" role in their conquests than previous known.  Also, the Vikings are now believed to have settled on particular island city that you are well aware of.  What city was it?  Listen to the story to learn more.  Then, a woman in Virginia discovered a home embalming kit and some very cool records in her home that once belonged to her great grandfather.  What did the records reveal and what is she doing with them?  Fisher will tell you.
Then, guest Judy Russell, the Legal Genealogist, talks about the ethics of DNA research and the ongoing debate about how potentially "embarrassing" results should be handled.  How do DNA secrets compare to secrets revealed by other materials?  Judy will have some thoughts.
George Ott, genealogist for, shares the stories of his interactions with stars Bob Hope and Jimmy Stewart in researching their family lines.  George will also have some special techniques that could make all the difference in your research!
Tom Perry, the Preservation Authority from, will then fill you in on last minute family history Christmas gifts you can create.

That's this week on Extreme Genes, America's Family History Show!