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Feb 4, 2015


Fisher opens the show with the story of a man who the government refuses to allow to pay his taxes.  Why?  It has everything to do with a record family historians are more than a little familiar with.  Listen to the first segment to hear what it is.  Fisher then reviews a list recently published by about surnames that have or are going extinct!  Is one of your family names on the list?
Stan Lindaas of then joins the show with a remarkable illustration of how knowledge of an ancestor's occupation can change your entire perception of what his or her life was like.  It will take your breath away.  Stan then goes through a remarkable list of now-extinct occupations.  His runs Fisher through the wringer seeing what he knows of these things.  What do you know?  Give it a listen!  And by the way, this is the website he refers to:
Fisher then visits with North Carolina's Connie Fowler.  Connie recently played detective to track down a remarkable family Bible.  The discovery has since led to her development of an vibrant family organization, complete with committees for family history, cemetery restoration, reunions, and who knows what else.  Connie's got something for all of us to learn from... check it out!
Then Tom Perry from, our Preservation Authority, talks about recorded music performances that are now in the public domain for our free use.  When putting together a wedding or anniversary video, this is great stuff to know.  That's this week on Extreme Genes, America's Family History Show.