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May 19, 2015

Fisher opens the show with a bit of his own family history.  In 1947, his mother, Marquita Olsen, was one of four young women who stowed away on a luxury liner to Hawaii!  The newspapers reported they had attended a send off party on ship and while walking around touring the ship, the next thing they knew, they were on their way to Honolulu!  But Fisher's mother told a very different version, suggesting they were very much "intentional" stowaways.  Fisher's mother passed five years ago, but he decided to see if he could locate one of the remaining three, even though they would be very elderly, to see if they could clarify the details.  Of course, he did!  He recorded his visit with Terry Chaffee, age 90, initially for his own purposes, but decided it was plenty juicy enough to share with his Extreme Genes family.
One time stowaway, Terry Chaffee, then visits with Fisher about the details of who the girls went to see off from the wharf at San Francisco and how they wound up out at sea, while another stowaway was in the brig!  Fisher learns details he never knew before, with an understanding of just why his mother had held back a few things!
Terry Chaffee continues in Segment 3 talking about their arrival in Hawaii, how they were treated, how they obtained shelter, food, and clothing, etc., how they got home, and the aftermath of their adventure that brought them attention from the national press, but also the FBI!
See some of the memorabilia from this crazy event posted on
Tom Perry, the Preservation Authority from, wraps up the show talking audio preservation in Segments 4 & 5.
That's this week, on Extreme Genes!