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Aug 29, 2013

This week on Extreme Genes: Fisher reviews Chris O’Donnell’s appearance on “Who Do You Think You Are?”  Plus, the latest on the battle over the body of King Richard III.  Where will he be buried for the NEXT 500 years?  While King Richard was buried under a parking lot, a child in Chicago was born...

Aug 23, 2013

On this weeks show, Fisher reviews family history news including a British man who retraced his World War I ancestor’s path on the battlefield right down to a very specific and remarkable site.  Want to repair a tombstone or two?  One man shows you how he does it in an link.  Also, a non-published...

Aug 14, 2013

On this week’s show, Fisher shares the latest family history news, including a shocking story involving a 1964 kidnap victim and what DNA has told him. He also talk about a firefighter whose family lost all the memorabilia of his firefighting grandfather then later received an amazing gift that neither he nor his...

Aug 6, 2013

This episode originally aired in Salt Lake City on 105.7FM 570 AM KNRS on 8/4/13 On this weeks show Fisher shares the latest family history news.  A story of a World War II couple that met when a plane crashed in a field next to a young lady’s home, and new “GPR” (Ground Penetrating Radar) […]