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Jul 21, 2014

Fisher opens the show with an explanation of his electrolysis experiment with two family daguerreotypes.  He reveals how it went and how to do it... if you dare!  He also reveals the name and age of a man from Brazil that just might make him the oldest man on the planet... perhaps ever!

David Allen Lambert of the New England Historic Genealogical Society joins the show to talk about the "Colonial Wars," those conflicts that happened on this continent in the 150 years before the Revolution.  He also tells you what sources are out there to help you learn whether your ancestors were involved.  There were a lot of wars!  Chances are, if you have early American ancestry, your people were in the thick of things.
Joy Shiver joins us from North Carolina to talk about her amazing creation... a site called  It's the place you can go to find original family artifacts, such as family Bibles, and letters written by your ancestors.  It's crazy cheap, but has already brought many unique pieces back to their family lines.
Tom Perry, our Preservation Authority from, returns to talk about audio.  How to get it right when recording your grandparents, and what not to do!  If you have a question for Tom, email him at!