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Sep 2, 2014


Fisher begins the show with the latest on what the body of King Richard III has revealed.  Found under a British parking lot just two years ago, the 500-year-old corpse is the scientists' gift that keeps on giving!  Fisher then discusses the latest on cemetery business.  With so many now reaching capacity they're now finding new ways to cash in on our collective demise.  Some may just surprise you!
Stan Lindaas is back from with some important advice for anyone on the family history trail... "Don't judge a book by it's cover!"  He once picked up a cook book at an estate sale, and wait til you hear what was in it concerning his family.  
Jenn Utley from returns to talk about her experience as an expert guest on Who Do You Think You Are?  She played a key role in uncovering Kelsey Grammer's past and then sharing it with him on camera.  
Tom Perry from then gives a great lesson on how to shoot video in a way that makes it easy to edit when you're done.