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Jun 30, 2015

Fisher and David Allen Lambert open the show with great news about FamilySearch's announcement about the new indexing project for the Freedmen's Bureau records... the largest collection of records of freed slaves.  What does this mean and how many records are involved?   Listen and find out!  Then David shares exciting Independence Day news... free access to some of NEHGS' earliest records from the Great Migration.  How can you look for your ancestors in this great database for free?  David will fill you in.  David also has another great Tech Tip of the week for indexing your own personal records, making it easy even for those of us who aren't very "tech savvy."
In the second segment, Fisher visits with Gene Williams who, at age 19, was informed he had been switched at birth with another boy!  But it wasn't until decades later that Gene went to work to find out how real this information was.  Hear about Gene's journey and how he learned the truth.
Ron Arons of "Mind Maps for Genealogy" then joins Fisher to talk about the discovery of his ancestor in Sing Sing Prison, and all the records connected to it.  Ron will share with you where to research your jail birds and perhaps other "black sheep" ancestors.
Then Tom Perry, our Preservation Authority, answers another listener question about old home movies and syncing up matching audio.  
It's all this week on Extreme Genes, America's Family History Show!