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Mar 17, 2014

On this weeks show, Fisher talks about the pending release of a new, free Extreme Genes app, to help you keep up with newly released podcasts.  He also shares a story about a wedding ring, with first names, middle initials and a date found in Brooklyn, New York, and his (successful?) efforts to identify the happy (not-so-happy?) couple! 

“12 Years A Slave” was a story that wasn’t on anyone’s radar, and would never have been, if not for the lifelong efforts of an unknown researcher in Louisiana.  Fisher well tell you all about it.  Plus, a huge release of records is coming from… Ireland!   Fisher calls Dublin to get the good news for Irish Americans! 

Imagine an ancestor who lived five generations ago having a major affect on the course of your life.  It’s happened  to Alice Keesey MeCoy, 3rd great granddaughter of abolitionist John Brown.   Hear Fisher’s visit with her.  Plus, Preservation Authority Tom Perry is back with his unique formulas of saving your family treasures… despite being mocked by a listener. For all of your preservation needs, you can find Tom at You can also ask his advice or suggest future topics for his segment by sending him an email at

Episode 33 originally aired 3/16/14