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May 27, 2014

Fisher opens the show with word of a new scent that’s on the market to make you smell “like a Viking!”  It’s the real deal!  Fisher visits with Academy Award nominee Edward James Olmos who shares his family’s remarkable path.  In “Family Histoire News,” a museum in Norwich, Connecticut is lauding “Benedict Arnold… Hero!”  It’s all about his contributions to the cause of freedom before turning traitor.  Find out what that’s all about.  And, a Seattle man recently found a box full of color slides taken on his grandparents’ 1939 honeymoon in England.  You’ll want to see the links to these gorgeous pictures taken just before the outbreak of World War II.
This week’s expert guest is Judy Lucey of the New England Historic and Genealogical Society who gives some great advice about things to consider when looking at contributing your family history treasures to an institution or archive.  It’s something many of us will have to think about at some point.
And Pat Mulso of Minnesota has solved a 164-year-old family mystery.  In 1850 a baby was left in the temporary care of a priest in New York.  When they returned, the priest and the baby were gone.  No one ever learned the fate of that baby… until now.  Hear Pat’s remarkable story!
Preservation Authority, Tom Perry, talks home movies in answer to a listener question.
Episode 43 first aired 5/24/14