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Oct 6, 2014

Fisher shares his Family Histoire News, which notes that and are teaming up to index a BILLION obituaries as soon as possible.  Fisher explains how you can be part of the project.
Blaine Bettinger of Syracuse, New York recently responded to the article in Vox posted last week that essentially blames 23andme for the breakup of the family of one of their customers.  Blaine's article, in the GeneticGenealogist, refutes many of the points made in the Vox commentary.  It's a fascinating debate.  Listen to what Blaine has to say, and find the links to both pieces at
Michael LeClerc from joins us to tell us about the benefits of their site.  It's free, and does something no one else does!  You'll want to hear this conversation.  It can change your course of your research journey.
Then, Tom Perry has an amazing example of the "hummingbird effect."  And he'll also share with you the proper way to use your thumb drives.  Some people have an entirely wrong idea about these awesome little tools.  That's all this week on Extreme Genes!