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Oct 29, 2014


Fisher opens the show in shock over the results of a poll about ancestral couples who were 20 years apart in age or more.  Hear the results!  He also shares an email about a man's cop ancestor who later arrested a man who became his grandfather!  In Family Histoire News, This Old House has an amazing gallery of items found during the renovation of old homes.  Find the link at  And, one of the last daughter's of a Confederate slave has passed.  Mattie Rice made a remarkable discovery about her father and spent much of her life trying to prove it.  Find out what it was.
Guest AJ Jacobs of Esquire Magazine returns to update us on plans for next June's Largest Family Reunion Ever!  (And EVERYONE is invited!)  Entertainment, speakers, and games at New York's 1964 World's Fair Grounds.  You'll want to be part of it!  AJ will tell you how.
Then, Marsha Noland-Bergman of Independence, Missouri joins us to tell us about her discovery of a 19th century cousin of hers, who, at 9-years-old led a posse to capture a member of the Jesse James gang.  Why we she doing this and how did the effort turn out?  You'll want to hear this!
Then, Tom Perry, our Preservation Authority from answers another question about some very special software you're going to want to know about.
That's this week on Extreme Genes, Family History Radio... America's Family History Show!