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Feb 23, 2015

Fisher opens the show with a quick overview of his Roots Tech experience, where over 22,000 people attended in three days.  (Roots Tech is the world's largest family history conference.)  In Family Histoire News, King Richard III is back in the headlines.  What has he "told" researchers now?  Fisher will tell you.  And... it's probably the most amazing DNA story you ever will have heard, or ever will hear.  Catch Fisher's summary and then read the entire article at
Guest Dick Eastman, of Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter, perhaps genealogy's best known blogger, shares his post- Roots Tech thoughts.  Where is the business of family history taking us, and what are some of the best new products... perhaps even some we didn't know we needed?!  No one knows better than Dick Eastman.
Fisher then talks to            who used DNA to identify a great-great grandfather who had changed his name and never revealed his secret.  You'll be amazed at how his original identity was uncovered.
Tom Perry then answers another great listener question on preservation.  

It's all this week on Extreme Genes!