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Feb 21, 2022

Host Scott Fisher opens the show with David Allen Lambert, Chief Genealogist of the New England Historic Genealogical Society and David begins by talking about a 1954 letterman’s jacket that is now back with the family of the original owner. He has also joined a new lineage society. Fisher has made a new discovery about his ancestors’ schooling in New York City in the 1840s. In Family Histoire News, David talks about how we got the “72 year rule” on census releases. The answer might surprise you. Then, something as old as Stonehenge has been dug up in England. Hear all about it! Then, it was quite the day when Amelia Earhart lost her leather headgear in the 1920s. And it’s going to be quite a day for the family that got it as it is now up for auction. Catch the latest price on it!

Next, Fisher visits with sponsor Legacy Tree Genealogists  CEO and founder, Jessica Dailey Taylor. They are joined by Geoff Gentilini, President of the Archival Researchers Association. They talk about Jessica’s efforts to make some noise about reopening the National Archives Research Rooms that have now been closed for two years, and how you can help! Veterans seeking military records for benefits, families seeking information to identify birth parents, genealogists, film makers, and historians are all struggling to do what they need to do without access. Hear what you can do to help!

In Segment 3, Crista Cowan from sponsor talks with Fisher about their new handwriting recognition technology that will be indexing the 1950 US Census when it is released on April 1. Volunteers working with partner will then review the results and make corrections. Crista will add more to how this remarkable project will work. She then fills us in on newly released databases on Ancestry, and an exciting new source out of England that will provide images of people and places dating back to 1547.

David then returns for another round of Ask Us Anything answering your questions, including one on a tattered scrapbook and an unexpected DNA test result.

That’s all this week on ExtremeGenes, America’s Family History Show!